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Volume 53 – Maio-Junho 2017

Muscle biopsy with different levels of histological sections: an old procedure as a “still modern” approach
Oliveira, Acary S. B.


Laboratory Medicine
Evaluation of pleural and ascitic fluid analysis on the Sysmex XE-5000 hematology analyzer
Cognialli, Regielly Caroline R.; Comar, Samuel Ricardo; Souza, Angela Maria de; Singer, Gisele Maria B.


Study of correlation between imatinib mesylate plasma levels and hematological profile of patients undergoing treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia
Ponte, Emanuelle S. Dal; Wagner, Sandrine C.; Linden, Rafael; Schirmer, Helena


Description of the quality indicators defined in the National Reference Laboratory in Tuberculosis of CRPHF/Ensp/Fiocruz by means of the process mapping methodology
Maronna, Aila; Souza, Renata A.; Montes, Fatima Cristina O. F.


Antimicrobial susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from patients in the northeastern macroregion of São Paulo state, Brazil, 1998-2013
Medeiros, Marta Inês C.; Almeida, Samanta Cristine G.; Bokermann, Sérgio; Watanabe, Evandro; Guerra, Maria Luiza L. S.; Andrade, Denise de


No association between glutathione S-transferase M1 and T1 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to endometriosis
Batista, Letícia C.; Ruiz-Cintra, Mariangela T.; Lima, Marco Fábio P.; Marqui, Alessandra Bernadete Trovó de


Study on the stability of HIV and syphilis reference materials under varied temperature conditions during their transportation
Castejon, Márcia J.; Yamashiro, Rosemeire; Oliveira, Camila C.; Oliveira, Elaine L.; Silveira, Edilene P. R.; Oliveira, Carmem Aparecida F.


Creation of a comprehensive proficiency testing program for molecular diagnosis in Brazil
Barra, Gustavo B.; Jácomo, Rafael H.; Gomes, Jéssica S.; Lopes, Rafael M.


Muscle biopsies in dermatomyositis and polymyositis: practical relevance of analyzing different levels of histological sections of the same muscular compartment
Diaz, Monica T. M.; Fraga, Priscila S.; Silva, Marilda G.; Shinjo, Samuel K.


Blended learning strategies in teaching general pathology at a medical course
Fermozelli, Juliana A.; Cesaretti, Mario Luis R.; Barbo, Maria Lourdes P.


Giant nodular pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast with fibroadenomatoid myxoid changes: a potential pitfall in the differential diagnosis of phyllodes tumor
Medeiros, Roberto José; Rebutini, Patricia Z.; Vargas, Thamyres G. V.; Medeiros, Fabiola; Sebastião, Ana Paula M.